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SUMMER Practice


Tips: Practice in a cooler, darker environment with a more passive attitude without expectations, competition, or judgment. Use soft, calming music. Keep your gaze down and work at 70% with moderate holds. Postures close to the ground provide coolness and stability.

Pranayama: Shitali, Sitkari and Chandra Bhedana - to refresh the body and reduce excess heat, stress and anxiety.

Pratapana (warm ups): Slow, controlled movements with breath - to relax the body and calm the mind.

Meditation: Cool visualization and mantra meditation.

Suggested Asanas
Moon salutations instead of sun salutations.
Heart openers.
Gentle backbends: cobra, boat, fish and bridge poses all support your thyroid gland which regulates your body’s temperature.
Wide-legged forward folds and legs up the wall cool the body down.
Seated or supine twists help flush out excess heat from the torso.
Longer savasana as you focus your attention on your navel and solar plexus area.

Sign of Successful Practice: You feel cool, refreshed, at ease and relaxed. Your mind and senses feel clear and any emotional irritation and tension is released!

What defines Kripalu yoga is its emphasis on...

  1. Following the flow of Prana (the life-force energy)
  2. Practicing compassionate self-acceptance
  3. Developing witness consciousness (observing the activity of the mind without judgement)
  4. Taking what is learned ‘off the mat’ into your daily life
  5. It’s designed to adapt to all body types, ages & fitness levels

Guidelines and recommendations


- Consult your doctor before beginning any yoga program.
- It’s best to perform postures on an empty stomach. Wait one to two hours after a full meal before practicing.
- Wear stretchy, comfortable clothing.

The Class

- Class begins promptly - arrive several minutes early so that you have time to settle in before class begins.
- Upon entering the classroom a few minutes early, leave your worldly cares outside the door. Picture yourself entering an environment of peace & relaxation. Lie down quietly on your mat, relax, and allow yourself to enter into the experience of being in the 'here & now'.
- You are encouraged to ask questions in class about anything, especially if things are unclear.
- Regular attendance is highly recommended.
- After 'Shavasana' at the end of class, try to hold onto the feeling of relaxation and wellbeing by maintaining silence as much as possible.


- For maximum benefits, it is preferable that you practice what you've learned in class at least 4 times a week.
- Kripalu Yoga is designed for everyone regardless of your age, body type or fitness level. I am happy to offer assistance in whatever way possible.